HBCU Arts Series

“An initiative that supports and highlights the creative
and imaginative excellence of HBCU students and alumni.”

-George Fadil Muhammad
Board Member, Douglass Theatre

WHAT: The Historically Black College & University (HBCU) Arts Series is an initiative of the Douglass Theatre that further advances the theatre’s mission to be a premier venue, outlet and community connector for artist to thrive. The initiative is guided by a 13-volunteer member Advisory/Planning Council comprised of HBCU alumni and students.

WHY: The HBCU Arts Series was started with the intended purpose to present quarterly performance & visual arts exhibitions that highlight the creative and imaginative excellence of students and alumni of HBCUs. The goal is to increase awareness about the value and importance of HBCU’s among the public and future students to further the sustainability of ALL HBCUs.

HOW: The HBCU Art Series conducts a range of scheduled community and social engagement events/activities throughout the year and offer scholarships to (HBCU bound) graduating high school seniors across Central Georgia to defray college expenses.

Join Us!

The HBCU Arts Series initiative always welcome and invite “thought leaders” to be a part of its growing Advisory/Planning Council. If you are interested, let’s connect and move forward together. Email: